Ok Boomer Throw Pillow

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Celebrate this holiday season with your conservative and out of touch family with YGC's "Ok, Boomer" pillow!

Made from the softest yarn and stuffed to perfect hugging squish levels, the "Ok, Boomer" pillow is great for quietly pissing off your elders. Stuck in a discussion about how TikTok is ruining the market with your aunt who still opens spam emails from distant African princes? Trying to grab a plate of grandma's signature collard greens and turkey without engaging in a conversation about why you're still single? (You're not, you're gay and you don't want to send her to her grave early by telling her)

"Ok, Boomer" pillows are handcrafted with all the love and exhaustion only another millennial can deliver. Buy one today and be better prepared this holiday season with two simple words, "OK, Boomer!"


  • Pillows are crocheted using 100% soft, polyester yarn, hypo-allergenic and are 100% washable. Best way to clean them is to hand wash them using a gentle detergent and leaving out on a towel to dry.


  • While people have different ways they can look at a listing, please note that colors may appear slightly different depending on your monitor, screen settings or device you mainly use.


  • Once payment is received, your pillow will be made and shipped out within 3-5 business days.